David Chernov

Founder and Managing Partner

More than 30 years participating in an accountable care model, the “Maryland Model,” across the entire continuum of care, including physician practices, acute/post-acute care facilities (skilled nursing and hospice) including many of the largest and most notable acute care healthcare systems in the US

Extensive experience in healthcare IT/clinical informatics including EMR/HIE development and implementation, specifically, “translation” for senior level health system leadership to create actionable programs from clinical data to drive reductions in total healthcare cost and improved outcomes

Demonstrable results working in large complex health systems and corporations leading teams to focus on common goals and outcomes, despite differing personal and organizational motivations


  • HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION: A member of the founding team and currently Executive Director for a 6-hospital system focused around a singular mission to reduce cost for highest cost, most at risk patient population with multiple chronic diseases – in a fixed, global budget. Responsible for alignment of disparate, independent and competitive health system leadership teams in an accountable care organizational structure.
  • Population Health: As a founding member of Totally Linking Care in Maryland (TLC-MD), leading the clinical team to help design programs and services for both the top of the cost triangle (high-utilizers) and bottom (at risk for chronic disease). Led the data analytics and search team for the population health software platform currently in use.
  • CLINICAL ANALYTICS/HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE: a member the original team for both acute and post-acute care initiatives to empower health systems/HIEs (in 2 states) to leverage exchange of information across the care continuum to facilitate care transitions to improve communication and reduce total cost of care in an accountable care organization.
  • LEADERSHIP: Led teams representing some of the largest healthcare providers in the US, including Cardinal Health, CareFusion and DaVita, Inc., partnering with large health systems financed in accountable care organizational structures.

Key Skills

Health system alignment in an accountable care organizational structure

Clinical program design and analysis via clinical analytics

Design and administration of care coordination/care transition programs

Health information exchange to unify multiple, disparate health systems to quantify savings in an accountable care organizational structure

Healthcare IT across the care continuum including acute, post-acute and physician practice environments