George Bone, MD

Partner and Medical Director
  • Direct patient care: 40 years as a practicing Physician, additionally as Medical Director and President of two Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Southern Maryland Integrated Care and Southern Maryland Collaborative Care, covering 12,000 Medicare lives directly and 22,000 indirectly, resulting in approximately $9 million in savings to Medicare
  • Population Medicine: Founding member of Totally Linking Care in Maryland (TLC-MD), member of the management group and the data and clinical committees, a six-hospital system consortium
  • Hospital operations: Former member of the board of directors of three hospital systems
  • State policy design and implementation: Serving by appointment to state commissions by both Democratic and Republican Maryland Governors, most recently as an appointed member of Governor O’Malley’s Task Force for Physician Reimbursement and Patient Access and appointed by Governor O’Malley, reappointed by Governor Hogan as commissioner on the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (quasi-gov’t agency that sets reimbursements for all of Maryland’s 53 hospitals in a fixed global budget/accountable care model)

  • Dr. Bone trained as a chemical process engineer and clinical researcher and has more than 40 years participating in US health care at all levels as a Practicing internist, president of a successful ACO, member of the board of directors of hospitals and physician advocate as president of the Maryland State medical Society
  • As HSCRC commissioner helped design the “Maryland Total Cost of Care Model,” for the entire continuum of care for all hospitals, including physician practices currently viewed as a model for healthcare in the US

Key Skills

ACO leadership best practices

Population health management

Clinical analytics

Care delivery

Holistic care

Financial management

Strategy, vision, and leadership

Health IT for care optimization